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Posted: 12th May 2011 by admin in General Topics

MSI credit solutions has again raised my credit score another 50 points. If you have not called them to discuss your credit needs please do, it will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your family’s future. Once you call to setup your appointment they will take a look at where you are on your credit and give you the best possible options to choose from.

Then once signed up all you have to do is put the incoming mail into an envelope and send it to them in prestamped packets.

They also have  facebook page if you would like to contact them and get updates on MSI’s company progress:

MSI Credit Solutions Does it Again

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My name is Angelle and I have been trying for 4 years to get things right with my credit. I have paid debts off, I have paid bills on time and for some reason my credit never changed. If anything it got worse. I couldn’t understand why this was happening. I started researching credit repair companies and I cant tell you how may of these companies are a bunch of scammers.

msi credit solutions

If you are anything like me every dollar counts. Well I kept coming back to this website for some reason. I am not sure why but my gut kept telling me to call. I did all the research I possibly could on MSI Credit Solutions and for once I am not being scammed. It may cost a little more than the other companies but just remember you always get what you pay for. I was turned down once again for a home loan and that’s when I decided it would be worth the extra money.

I talked with Victor and he has gone out of his way to help me. It was only 28 days into the program and YES I was finally approved for my house. I have always thought that these testimonials were a bunch of people just getting paid to do so.

I would not be writing a testimonial if it was a bunch of bull. Because like you I am a hard working single parent trying to make an honest living and all I wanted was a house to call home. Now I have this thanks to MSI. I will be closing at the end of this month.

If you are thinking twice about signing up with this program; the best advice I can give you is stopping thinking and DO IT! You will not regret it. I would recommend this company to anyone who is serious about their credit report.

That’s not the best part either the phone quit ringing off the hook and I don’t have to be afraid to answer the phone anymore.

Thank You for all you have done.

Credit Repair Costs

Posted: 10th August 2010 by admin in Credit Repair

If you need more information about credit repair costs you can contact MSI Credit Solutions at:

They can discuss a customized plan with you that will work with your situation. Keep in mind that each situation is different. This is why you have to give them a call to see what they can do for you. They can get results in 30 days or less no matter what you have on your credit report. Please call them today, do not wait until you are ready to buy a house or a car. Let them do the foot work before you begin your search.

msi credit solutions

MSI Credit Solutions

Posted: 16th July 2010 by admin in MSI Credit Solutions

Back in October when I first started working for First Mortgage Corporation I came across a client by the name of Deanna Hoover.  At that time she was not able to qualify for a mortgage due to her credit score was in the 570′s.

I transferred her to MSI Credit Solutions for credit repair in hopes that I would be able to do a mortgage loan for Mrs. Hoover in about six months.  I went about working on other loans when I got a call from Mrs. Hoover after she had talked with MSI Credit Solutions only thirty days in the program stating that her credit score may have already reached in the 600’s. 

msi credit solutions

I then pulled her credit and she amazingly had a 618 fico score.  I decided that I could put her on the “opt out credit card list” and get the remaining points needed to meet FHA guidelines.  Mrs. Hoover got a contract accepted by a seller last week and provided the remaining items for me to submit the loan into processing. 

Since the credit report was from November I went ahead and pulled a new report expecting to see Mrs. Hoovers credit score in the 620′s but again to my amazement when I saw her new credit score I instantly became a believer in how quick MSI can work.  Mrs. Hoovers high score is now a 716!  With that said Mrs. Hoover will not only get an FHA loan but a better rate as well.

I created this blog to show that MSI Credit Solutions Does work and fast. Anyone who has any questions about MSI should post on this site or email me, I will answer anything I can for you.